Bomb blast kills 2 soldiers in western Iraq

09/02/2019 - 15:51 Published in News/Iraq

Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb explosion in the western Anbar province on Saturday, according to a local police officer.  

Two bomb disposal soldiers were defusing a device in the city of Hit, west of Ramadi, killing them on the spot, Captain Ahmed al-Duleimi told Anadolu Agency.  

He said the device had been planted by "terrorists", but without specifying which group was responsible for the attack.  

In early 2016, the city of Hit was cleared from the self-proclaimed Daesh terrorist organization. However, from time to time, the city sees bomb attacks targeting security forces and civilians.   

In December 2017, officials in Baghdad declared that Daesh's military presence in Iraq had been all but dismantled following operations backed by the U.S.-led International Alliance.  

However, from time to time, Iraqi officials announce operations against Daesh-affiliated "sleeper cells" in certain parts of the country.