The spokesman of the Islamic Movement in Kurdistan announced that they have filed a lawsuit against those who insulted the Islamic religion.

Abdullah Warti, spokesman for

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Kurdistan

Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for a bus bombing that killed 12 people near the Iraqi city of Kerbala.

Iraqi security services said on Friday

Two earthquakes hit Iraq

September 22, 2019

Two earthquakes hit Nineveh and Khanaqin today without causing casualties.

According to an Iraqi transport statement, the observatories of the General Authority for Meteorology and Seismology

The deteriorating relations between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party negatively affects the situation , a member of the Kirkuk Provincial

The release from a Turkish jail of the former leader of the Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is set to be blocked after a court

Dana Jaza, a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, announced that an Iraqi government delegation is visiting the Kurdistan Region this week and a

The Kurdish political parties were scheduled to meet on Saturday on the issue of the unified list and the name of the list for Kirkuk

Hundreds protested in central Cairo and several other Egyptian cities late on Friday against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, responding to an online call for a

Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament, Thursday, warned against not reaching an agreement with the federal government in Baghdad.

"There is no option for

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