Popular demonstrations condemning the Turkish attack on western Kurdistan continue in the cities of the Kurdistan region.

Erbil witnessed a demonstrations organized by a few dozen

The bodies of two Kurdish young men were found ,likely to have died while trying to immigrate to Britain, French authorities said Monday.

French coastguard police

The first group of displaced Kurds in Syria, Monday, arrived in the Kurdistan region.

"The first group of Kurdish refugees from Syria arrived today in the

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the outcome of the clashes during the past four days of Turkish army operations in western Kurdistan, announcing the

After several countries decided to stop the sale of weapons to Turkey, in the latest reaction France also stopped the sale of weapons to Turkey

The self-administration of north and east of Syria announced on Sunday, that some families of ISIS militants have fled following the Turkish bombing.

"Turkey's barbaric military

Iraqi Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari, on Sunday, discussed with Peshmerga Minister Shoresh Ismail the continuation of unifying military action to eliminate terrorist cells.

The ministry said

The Syrian army will deploy along the entire length of the border with Turkey in an agreement with the Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria to

Against the Turkish army attacks on western Kurdistan, dozens of demonstrators in the city of Dohuk demanded the withdrawal of the Turkish army in western

Iran offered on Saturday to engage Syrian Kurds, Syria’s government and Turkey in talks to establish security along the Turkish-Syrian border following Turkey’s military incursion

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